Ditch the dustpan...

Sweepovac is a revolutionary kitchen vacuum that eliminates that pesky dirt-line often left behind by using a dustpan! It is easily placed in any kitchen by installing it in the bottom of the cabinets and does not require a central vac system. Its strong suction, removes dirt in seconds and its sleek design allows for no loss of space. BUY NOW

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You won't believe how easy it is!

Follow these 4 easy steps


Step 1



Step 2

Sweep the floor!


Step 3

Kick the switch!


Step 4

Debris sucked away!

Here what people are saying...

  • This is the best kitchen appliance
    on the market today!

    Jason Watson, 26
  • Wow! My life has changed completely
    I love my Sweepovac

    Karen Ferell, 32
  • This is great if you have kids or pets.
    I'm ordering one for my beauty salon!

    Sandra Stone, 29

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